Professional HR consulting and Organisation & Talent development 


David is a real professional with ability to understand the needs of the client and create for him (and with him) the best tailor made solution. David has been a key person for me especially in the times, when Inveo grew up from a small start up to an organization with multi-level management structure, which was necessary to reflect in the company culture and development of the managerial competencies. Especially his outlook, expereince and willingness to tackle even unpopular topics helped me and whole leadership team to handle such a difficult task. I have been working with David long term including my other projects.

Michal Menšík, Founder & CEO, V sharp Ventures (Inveo, DoDo, Riverbit, Ydistri, Atoto)

I had an opportunity to work with David during his Interim Group HR Advisor role in APS Holding. David led the whole change of performance management including compensation, reorganization of the part of the Group followed by the Engagement survey.

David is not just an experienced professional with more than 15 years of international HR experience, David is also "calm power" that can lead very difficult HR change management process without loud fights and with a calm and friendly atmosphere.

David’s soft skills are especially empathy and ability to choose the best communication style for dealing with the counterparty - when to push, when to retreat and when to deal with it later, in the calmer stage.

We were very satisfied with David's work and if you need to manage the change or to elevate your organization higher I truly recommend to work with him.

David manages by his "calm power" his colleagues including his client (boss). And it is what differentiates him from the others - friendly and spontaneous legacy management without pressure.”

Antonin Pfleger, FCCA, Group CFO, APS Holding

David supported the Czech delivery of one of our most important internal leadership development programs, which targets all middle-management leaders in Brown-Forman. We are very proud of this particular program which has been recognized by two external awards and thrives to expose the participants to first-class development experience. David's expectations for high quality matched ours entirely, which he expressed in his feedback relating to the translation of the program, in his valuable input during the 2-day Train the trainer-event and was also mirrored in the fantastic feedback we received about him as an external trainer. The program participants appreciated that David allowed flexibility during the sessions in order to focus deeply on those topics that were particularly relevant for the group. David also received positive feedback for bringing topics alive with real examples, relatable stories and practical recommendations to take away. Overall, David created a friendly, open, positive and fun learning environment. We had no critical or even negative comments whatsoever. 

We will work with David again! 

Tanja Pelny, Manager People & Organisational Development Europe & Africa, Brown Forman  

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