Professional HR consulting and Organisation & Talent development 


Everything connects with everything and ideally the organization should have covered all the bets well. But, depending on the growth phase of your business, your business priorities, the structure of your organization, diversity of your people, or possibly some other aspects, you may want to focus on some areas first and some later.

Here the areas, where my expertise can help you.  


Do you need to temporarily cover Human resources in your company until you find a fully-fledged internal resource? It can take some time to find the right candidate but the life of your organization goes on.

Isn't your organization big enough to effort full-time HR Manager yet and you want to manage the HR agenda on your own with junior support? In this case, it is good practice to let the experienced HR professional set things up and take it over from him afterwards.

Hire an external HR professional for a short time and potentially even for a few hours a week. 


Ideally here it all starts. Having a clear vision and plan about where you want to go, and how you will get there, is at minimum very helpful, if not essential. People strategy is not rocket science, it can be quite simple, but it can help you see things in context.

  • HR Audit

  • Capabilities assessment  

  • Market trends analysis

  • SWOT


​By nature people are resistant to change despite circumstances and   intention. Planning and communication is a key.

  • Business expansion

  • Downsizing or closing down

  • Restucturing

  • Merge or acquisition

  • In-house capabilities review

  • Communication planning and design


​Company culture is in each organization unique, it is why employees joined you at first place, and why they are engaged (or not?) at what they do.   

  • Organization values

  • Vision and mission

  • Employee engagement

  • Internal and external communication

  • Diversity and Inclusion


​Whether you need new employees or you want to hire from within you better do it right...

  • Talent attraction campain

  • Competency based interviews

  • Assessment and Development Centers

  • Case studies

  • Supplier review and contract negotiation

  • Onboarding and Induction


Almost noone is ever happy with the salary and benefits. Have you defined your Pay philosophy? How do you pay compare to the market? And do your benefits reflect the latest trends?

  • Pay philosophy definition

  • Salary review

  • Benefits review

  • Bonus structures

  • Job evaluations

  • Grading systems


Learning and development is the highest motivation for most employees. Do you focus on growing your own talent or do you recruit from outside? 

  • Talent Management

  • Succession planning

  • Leadership programs

  • Development programs

  • Coaching & Mentoring

  • Training


​Clarity about everyone's responsibilities, ways of working or processes, mitigates misunderstandings about who is doing what,  and what is the process. Keep them simple but clear...

  • Organization structure

  • Roles and responsibilites

  • Job Descriptions

  • Ways of working and processes


While in many organizations wrongly used, setting individual goals, evaluation of their completion, and most important -  providing feedback, is crucial for achieving business results.

  • Performance management system design

  • Feedback giving

  • Connecting remuneration with performance

  • Rewards systems

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