Not everyone does for living what he or she really enjoys and what is fulfilling. If your inner voice has been telling you, that you should do something different than you have done so far, that you want to set your career towards success, that you want to do the work aligned with your life purpose, or simply you want to enjoy what you better, career coaching is for you.


In some situations, mentoring can be more helpful than coaching as mentoring can provide you with more guidance and advice from more experienced person in the area of your development. I offer mentoring services in the filed of my biggest experience, which is Human Resources and working with different cultures. 



Each of us faces difficult life situations during our lives. They are overwhelming and our rational minds can´t deal with them. Family and friends are usually the first points of support, but sometimes they are the ones involved, or you simply need somebody independent to help you to make a decision or analyze the situation.



Business leaders on different levels need to develop themselves equally as the rest of the organizations but their behaviors they demonstrate, and decisions and actions they take, have an impact on others. One on one development in the form of coaching is the most effective way how to grow as a successful leader.

Professional HR consulting and Organisation & Talent development 

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